Skudo Australia: proud supporter of The Block since 2017.

Our range of Innovative, Purpose-Built Temporary Surface Protection Products are suitable for Commercial and Residential Construction. Nearly all Skudo products adhere to the surface they are protecting, preventing dirt, debris and dust from getting underneath and causing damage. All products are engineered to last for the duration of your project, allowing you to get on with the more important jobs!

Skudo Board HT

Skudo Board HT is a heavy duty, synthetic, rigid board that offers extreme protection under construction vehicles and impact zones. An ideal alternative to plywood as it won't warp or curl and is both fire-retardant and water-resistant. Can be used both internally and externally and great for protecting concrete, tile, hardwood floors, as well as vertical surfaces.

Skudo Carpet Cover

Skudo Carpet Cover is perfect for commercial and residential applications, including stairs and high traffic areas. It provides strong and durable protection under foot traffic, spills and stains and is suitable for use for up to 3 months.

Skudo Tack Mat

Skudo Tack Mat is suitable for internal, water tight surfaces for up to 12 months. Ideal for tile, marble, engineered hardwood, laminate, glass, epoxy, metals, vinyl, bathtubs and countertops. Available in 3 grades (Light Traffic, Heavy Traffic (pictured) and High Impact).

Skudo Glass Cover

Skudo Glass Advanced: Ideal for protecting glass windows and doors (including low emissivity glass) during construction. Also suitable for stainless steel and aluminium. Offers protection from cement/paint splatter, stucco, acid wash and is fire-retardant, so angle grinding and welding isn't a problem.

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